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Dean Johnson previews Bonds closing arguments

April 7, 2011 Comments off

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson previews closing arguments in the Barry Bonds trial.

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Bonds friend: I saw Barry and trainer with syringe – No Smoking Gun

March 24, 2011 Comments off

“There’s no smoking gun here. There are statements from which one could infer that Greg Anderson is injecting people with some unknown, unspecified, undetectable substance. There are statements where one could infer that Greg Anderson is injecting Barry Bonds,” said ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson.

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Dean Johnson on why ‘Bonds’ trainer Greg Anderson refuses to testify again’

March 23, 2011 Comments off

Also on Tuesday, Bonds’ former trainer and childhood friend Greg Anderson was called to testify against Bonds and refused again.

“Clearly somebody who has already done over 18 months on the various times he’s gone in is not going to be affected by two weeks, so from a pure legal standpoint, I think it’s the theater of the absurd,” said Mark Geragos, Anderson’s lawyer.

Geragos says sending Anderson to prison goes beyond legal bounds designed to convince someone to testify and crosses over into punishment, which is not allowed in this situation. And he said Anderson is not refusing to testify to protect Bonds, but because feels prosecutors have lied to him.

“They didn’t play fair. He’s not going to play their game. It’s as simple as that,” said Geragos.

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson thinks there might be another reason.

“If I were one of his defense attorneys, I would be pointing the finger at Greg Anderson saying, ‘This is the man who slipped the steroids to Barry Bonds. This is the man who ruined baseball.’ And Anderson doesn’t want to have that label placed on him,” said Johnson.

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Jury selection to begin in Barry Bonds’ perjury trial

March 21, 2011 Comments off

Dean Johnson Previews Bonds perjury trial.

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson said the jury could be selected by the end of today or possibly tomorrow. The trial is expected to last three weeks. There is expected to be bruising testimony against Bonds by his ex-mistress and former ballplayers.

If convicted, Bonds could get more than a year in prison. However, some experts are predicting if he does get convicted, he would likely get house arrest. Johnson is predicting that Bonds will be acquitted.

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Bonds perjury trial likely to start in March

“I think the big surprise today is that the government didn’t dismiss this case. The government lost plan A when Greg Anderson refused to testify. Plan B went out the door when they lost key evidence, I don’t know if they’ve got a plan C,” ABC7 News Legal Analyst Dean Johnson said.

Johnson says the defense has gone as far as it can limiting the prosecution’s evidence, their next big move might be asking the judge to acquit bonds for lack of evidence right after the government presents its case. If it does go a jury, Johnson thinks a conviction will be a tough sell.

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