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Dean Johnson on Prop 8 hearing judges

ABC’s legal analyst on the three randomly selected judges who will rule on the constitutionality of Proposition 8.

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Dean Johnson on possible outcomes for Prop 8

Both sides of the Proposition 8 debate have filed their paperwork with the U.S. District Ninth Circuit Court of …

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Gay couples ask court to allow weddings immediately

“The 9th Circuit, I think, wants to make a decision by the end of business Monday so that the parties will have Tuesday and possibly the early part of Wednesday to go the Supreme Court if they choose to do so,” ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson said.

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Dean Johnson talks latest Prop 8 developments

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson talks about the latest Prop 8 developments.

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Legal analyst on what the Prop 8 ruling means

Legal analyst Dean Johnson on what the Prop 8 ruling means and what comes next.

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Copy of Prop 8 Ruling

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Judge’s ruling due in California Prop. 8 trial

“The pro-Prop 8 lawyers can read the handwriting on the wall just like everybody else. They know that this was a hugely lopsided trial. I think the defendants are expecting to lose,” said ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson.

Prop 8 lawyers filed a legal brief Tuesday afternoon, asking the judge to leave the same-sex marriage ban in place, while an appeal is heard.

“So even if Judge Walker overturns Prop 8, that does not mean that same sex couples can go down to city hall, and start getting married tomorrow. It may in fact be several years before that happens, if it happens at all,” said Johnson.

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