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Dean Johnson previews Bonds closing arguments

April 7, 2011 Comments off

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson previews closing arguments in the Barry Bonds trial.

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Jury selection to begin in Barry Bonds’ perjury trial

March 21, 2011 Comments off

Dean Johnson Previews Bonds perjury trial.

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson said the jury could be selected by the end of today or possibly tomorrow. The trial is expected to last three weeks. There is expected to be bruising testimony against Bonds by his ex-mistress and former ballplayers.

If convicted, Bonds could get more than a year in prison. However, some experts are predicting if he does get convicted, he would likely get house arrest. Johnson is predicting that Bonds will be acquitted.

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Mehserle jury panel forced to start over

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson says the verdict should come quickly.

“Any way that the jurors go, they really only have to answer two questions, the first being ‘Did Mehserle think he was using a gun or a Taser?’ If the answer is Taser, then their choice is between involuntary manslaughter and acquittal. If they think that he was using a gun, then the choice is either second-degree murder or involuntary manslaughter,” he explained.

Johnson says, “The good news is the jury hasn’t deliberated much yet.”

Mehserle jury deliberations postponed

According to Johnson, the core question is, did jurors believe Mehserle when he was on the stand saying that he meant to pull his Taser? But the judge’s instructions on implied malice could impact the verdict.

An implied malice is when someone acts with a conscious disregard for human life.

“I think of putting Mehserle on the stand paid off. Some of his testimony would have justified a second-degree murder conviction on a theory that we call ‘implied malice,’ but the judge’s instructions, for all intends and purposes took implied malice out of the equation,” Johnson said.

Johnson also said that the longer the jury goes, the better that is for the prosecution and the better that is for a conviction.

Closing arguments conclude in CA gay marriage trial

Dean Johnson previews Prop 8 closing arguments

ABC7 legal analyst Dean Johnson previews the Prop 8 trial closing arguments.